The unknown is what frightens the wandering mind. Not knowing what is to come next whether it be a physical or figurative road that lies ahead, either are mystifying.  One minute you are thinking negatively up until the certain moment, that “oh my god” factor that brings you back down to reality forcing you to re-think your current misinterpreted and preconceived ideas. These realizations happen everyday ranging from menial everyday tasks to big picture atrocities.  Life never ceases to baffle me with its little twists and turns. Like a complex maze, one where you don’t get to preview the layout; life throws little twists and turns to amplify your hope and increase your excitement with hopes of being ahead and without warning you run into a newly constructed wall. This wall inhibits all your normal filters, filters that seep into our everyday lives without a warning. This complex inhibition freezes our monotonous mindset and functionality-the ‘I can’t move’ feeling. The past few years of my existence has been invaded by many of these ‘I can’t move’ feelings, ones that alter my being and constantly readjust my big picture concepts. The true test is how to adapt to these constant hiccups and avalanche forming inconsistent lapse in judgements…

We’re all in this Together

We’re all in this together

The selfish and deceitful

The right and the wrong

The battered and the broken

With everyday comes an experience

A new adventure to explore

Some that make you cry and beg for home

Some that simply uplift you (make everything right)

With every dawn comes a new day

Each more spectacular than before

Awake with a smile not a frown

Be glad to be alive (to see the sun rise)

Give back to those who’ve helped

And service those in need

Be selfless andĀ grateful

Always be the best you can be

People come and people go

Some on good terms some on bad

Think of each as a learning experience

Each person has changed you in some way shape or form

At the time it may seem like you have nothing left

That you cannot go any further

Then you realize that you’ve learned something

Heartbreak brings agony of which feels like it will never end

Drag your mind away and be active

With each day there is a beginning of something new

A new adventure or friend

Unexpected Freedom

Everything feels as though it is falling apart

Falling from under my two feet

Can’t there just be a way to forget

A way to get past every pinching pain of remembrance


Back up your possessions and move on

On with your life

On with your love

And on with your desires and dreams


Some days will be hard and some days will be easy

Put a smile on so that no one will get queasy

On the outside everything is fine

On the inside you are fighting to survive


This is the one last single memory of your unforgotten years

You asked to have it be forgotten

In turn you’ve been forgotten

A Friend

A friend in need

Seems like he’s had all he can take

And there is no reversal

For the emotions he’s been holding


He reaches out in a way unknown to you

The way that only one with an understanding

Could Possibly meander

A way of knowing…


Seeming as though everything is okay

Is a task well accomplished by him

Acting as thought he is alright

Seeming to others as though there is nothing wrong


He is alone, wondering if there is anyway he can

Get away from his depression

The Kind that eats away at you until it is solved

The kind that cannot be explained


He stands strong toward his friends

He goes back to be alone and is weak

Knowing that the only escape is to hear the voice

The sound and specific tone of that beautiful voice


That girl, who drives him crazy

Never answering phone calls or texts

Making him wonder with every minute that goes by

Whether or not she is doing it purposefully


He is in love,

A deeper love then can be imagined

Wanting to be with her every minute and second of the day

And if for a day they do not speak, he becomes worried


Worried in the sense that she doesn’t care

Not Caring would be expressed in a stronger connotation


This love is in absence of his faltering stability

The stability of a family

The fucked up nature of their beings

No one can better understand them then each other


The distance between them poses complicated tasks

Some that seems too hard to push through

The only way to get by is to remember

That the greatest test is the test of love


A test that takes body, soul, and mindAnd combines it into a jumbled messOne that complicates and if not strong enoughCan eventually disintegrate into nothingness

Stormy Life

Its a dreary day out and I’m Feeling all alone

I can’t seem to get you out of my mind when Im in the zone

Sacrifice leads to gains and useless names


Your in Chicago and I’m in L.A.

Torn by two worlds apart can’t seem to leave you astray

Constant fights and bickering hurt the day


What happens when you forget how to sleep

Does the world turn upside down

and become a never ending sound

Or will it all come back around and not let you fall on the ground

What happens when you forget how to love

And not see the gentleness in a white Dove